The Seeds of Time

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Welcome to the official site for The Seeds of Time.

You are listening to Living in Fear, a track from our new album Pumpkin Soup - please take a look at the album page, have a listen to extracts from all the tracks if you wish, and find out a bit more about the album.  We rather think it is superb so if it gives you a bit of a shiver up the spine then why not splash out and buy a copy . . .


Take a listen too to our album Random Exposure - a slightly different direction than Pumpkin Soup but rather tasty . . .

And here also is a one-off recording from 1994 - a rather special treat. Enjoy Sphinx and Time . . .


Very soon we shall be loading up our back catalogue of CDs - each album has its own style and feel. So please add our site into your Favourites and come back for a listen . . . We also have a page on Facebook for comments, news etc

Oh and a special word of appreciation to Julie and Manish at our local real record shop Retro Records here in Hastings - see the contacts page for their details. If you are in the area then DO check them out (and buy our CDs!).



Be good . . . and live in peace


The Seeds of Time

A special thank-you to Gordon Bacon who contributed the stunning images used on this site but please note GBacon 2011